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“Dr. Thompson took his time with me and gave me hope that my condition could improve. He gave me suggestions as to how I might move forward to get to my goal of overcoming incontinence.”


“Dr. Thompson took the time and listened to my entire history, explained all of the options. The staff took control and got my surgery scheduled and handled everything for me.”


“At age 60 I was having bladder leakage and other problems. While at a routine pap smear, my gynecologist told me I needed a bladder lift and possibly some other work. He recommended an Urogynecologist.  I went online to see what I could learn about the procedure and surgeons.  I quickly realized that this is a popular procedure and not difficult for someone experienced in this field.  I read about every Urogynecologist in the Jacksonville area.  I still did not know who to pick so I got into my car and stopped by 2 offices to see what impression I got.  My second stop was Dr. Jason Thompson’s office. Dr. Thompson had worked at Mayo and was a John Hopkins graduate and has had his own private practice for several years.  I arrived a little after 12 noon; I had no idea of the time.  Beverly came to the window and I began asking question to my satisfaction, all the while, she never treated me like I was an imposition after realizing it was their lunch time.  Beverly was very professional and experienced. She gave me the answers I wanted to feel comfortable in my decision to set my first appointment. They could see me in 2 weeks.

At my appointment, the nurse, Brittany explained everything very well. Dr. Thompson was very professional and clear in his explanations. It was obvious that he was very experienced and knowledgeable in this field. He was very clear on what procedures I needed. I felt confident that he would be the best surgeon for me. I wanted the surgery done as soon as possible so that I could get on with my life. I needed a total pelvic reconstruction surgery done. There were extensive tests done to determine the exact details of the surgery for Dr. Thompson. Within 2 weeks the surgery was done at St. Vincent’s on Belford Road. The surgery went very well and I was very happy. I spent one night in the hospital and the nurses took very good care of me.

Now after 3 months, I am thrilled that I had this surgery done. I can sleep through the night sometimes without getting up to go to the bathroom. If I do get up at night, it is usually only once or twice at the most. I do not have the back pain or discomfort sitting that I use to have. The best part is that my life does not revolve around the nearest bathroom.

Dr. Thompson’s entire staff is very knowledgeable of this field. I have learned something from each one. Dr. Thompson is an expert Urogynecologist and I am very happy I decided to pick him. His assistant, Lindsay is wonderful and exceptional also. I always felt I was in the best care possible.

My surgery was extensive, I rested and was well cared for by my friends and family and I feel great. I really am able to live a fuller life than I even thought possible. Thank you Dr. Thompson and the entire staff for being exemplary of what doctors and nurses should be. You are all outstanding!”


“Dr. Thomson and staff have been so kind to me. They all made me feel I was not alone in my problems with my bladder. After surgery I am so relieved to be able to go shopping again without worrying where the bathroom is! The ladies at the office were very caring and I always got an answer to all of my questions.”


“After reading some of these reviews I was very hesitant to Visit Dr. Thompson. I am so glad that I went. The office staff was so nice and accommodating and Dr. Thompson had great bedside manner. I was explained everything in much detail and I am already feeling better! Would recommend this Doctor to anyone!”


“The Staff and Doctor were very informative and made me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. I can’t say enough how pleased I was with this office.”


“I was thrilled when Florida Urogynecology of Jacksonville recommended that I try the Eclipse System. I had hopes that this could be the answer to my frequent fecal incontinence, and was I ever right! I have been using the Eclipse for 3 months, and I have to say, it has been a simple solution to my frequent incontinence and the avoidance of many embarrassing situations. I am very thankful to them, and would recommend this to any woman who might feel they have the same problem.”


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